Girlfriends A Sisters Sentiment Cidne Wallace 2023 Wall Calendar

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Girlfriends 2023 African American Wall Calendar is an extraordinary calendar. It may be a man’s world, but it’s the SISTAHS that keep the world spinning. Girl power is awesome, but there is nothing like Sistah Power! Being able to turn to your fellow sistah friend for love, support, and advice is one of the best parts about being a woman. Through good and bad, your sistahs, can bring you comforting and peace, the kind that that only a Sistah can! Shades of Color understands sistahood, and Sistahs worldwide are delighting in the artistic styling of Cidne Wallace. In Girlfriends 2023 African American Wall Calendar, her expressive paintings combine with her sassy divine wisdom to create soulful messages that will bless you every day. This calendar also includes significant Black History facts! Learn more about your heritage and ancestors each day of the week with our fabulous Girlfriends, A Sister’s Sentiments calendars! Never forget another birthday, anniversary, baby shower, school assignment, or any other significant moment!

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